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Welcome to Lucky Cats Rescue Shop!!

October 20, 2021 2 min read

I want to take a moment to personally thank you from all of us at Lucky Cats Rescue.. The proceeds of this shop and future fundraisers will help us immensely now and in the future in our mission.. 

Lucky Cats Rescue is being developed around and inspired by what we already know to be true, the human and animal bond is one of the most powerful and healing experiences.

A fostering experience that is meant for the longer term care of mother cats and their kittens, orphaned kittens and cats that have more emotional and medical needs.. That need a special human to give them the time, space and patience to show them that they are safe and cared for. To give them a safe haven and be their emotional support human while they are in a very uncertain place and doesn’t understand what is happening..

An adoption process that is more in depth and designed to help find the right forever home for a cat that needs them to continue to be their emotional support human.. While also developing an adoption process for people that could also benefit from having an emotional support cat in their life and help match them with a cat that can be there for them.. To take the time to learn what benefits a cat could bring to their life, what they feel they need and find the right cat for them and provide support through this transition for the animals and humans..

Lucky Cats Rescue is being developed out of what we know to be true because we have lived it and are currently living it.. My cats have been there for me through the hardest times in my life and with the help of a therapist and fostering I have learned so much more about myself and how to care for and about myself while caring for them..

I’m so excited to get this rolling and show you all what we have been working on for the last 5 months.. This is only the foundation of our mission, and for this to work I needed some really special humans to help me.. And now we need your help too…


Peace, love, and penguins

    Holly and the LCR board of directors

Holly Jane
Holly Jane