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Amanda's Bees and Crystals Pet Blankets - Parents Collection

Amanda's Bees and Crystals Pet Blanket is part of our parents series of homemade and handmade items that will bring comfort and security to your cats and kittens made with and inspired by our volunteers and their kids- in their carrier or in their favorite lounging spot. You can use these blankets to protect furniture, bedding or laps, while giving your feline family a cozy, warm and familiar place to snuggle into. Most importantly, you’ll enjoy seeing the bliss of having your kitties nap and relax in pure comfort!  It’s a wonderful feeling for them… and you! Amanda's Bees and Crystals Pet Blanket comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

This is the FIRST in our signature series of collaborations with our volunteers and their kids!! I am very honored to have Amanda and her daughter Olive be the first to be a part of this fundraising project and we all mut say and agree that our blankets are the perfect size, super soft and very durable for snoozing, lazing or playing. Most importantly their pets approved this collection!!


Blankets are approximately 20’’ x 25’’.

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